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"I come from a family that has been involved in public service for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you. We need to get the government back to the people. I am firm believer in LESS governmental oversight. I have worked many years within the political and governmental systems and I know what it takes find solutions, navigate complicated governmental agencies, and have the ability to work well with others to accomplish good things for Utah" 



As rural counties, we are feeling growing pains. Development and opportunity for expansion should be kept in balance with the desire for our citizens to be able to preserve our rural and agricultural grassroots. Private property rights should be upheld as we address the issues of water and land management.


In 2018 the state legislators passed a bill raising our taxes. This would be in surplus year.This is irresponsible. As the Federal Government gives us a tax cut our State Legislature immediately takes it away from us. It is time to re evaluate our legislators  we need to re evaluate. Decisions of this magnitude should not be passed at the 11 o'clock of the legislative session.


I will be vigilant in preserving this constitutional right..  


Our Utah Legislature should always be accountable to the people who hire them. There needs to be less attempts at consolidation of powers. Our government should stay closer to the people not consolidate to the hands of a few....


I believe we need to hear every side of the issue. We must be respectful and gracious to everyone and every situation. Our job as a legislature is to protect the God given rights of the people. We must be able to communicate effectively with each other and do so respectfully. Agree to disagree when needed.


Our teachers and classrooms need to see more of our taxpayer money. We need less grand buildings and bloated governance. More accountability to the people. We need to work together closely with the local school boards to find solutions to protect our school children. We must be careful trying to mandate policy through legislation. Each district has it's own specific needs.